October 19, 2020


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Fish fillet on celeryroot by finokio on the oven

Fish fillet on celeryroot by finokio on the ovenpin5

Sweetness has a special flavor that makes it accompanying perfect with drinks; and fishes. It gives the sprite and the particularity that is been needed for eating fish as a gourmet delight. As it difficult as it might seem from the final result (it triggers your guests that they are been eaten something unique) although it’s easy to manufacture. It can both be an appetizer or a main dish depending from the fish fillet that you are been using about.

Fish fillet on celeryroot by finokio on the ovenpin5

First of all, let us all remember how you fish fillet.

1.Make a single cut where the head ends and the meat begins, all way through

2.Insert the knife in about an inch and run the knife down the side of the dorsal fin.

3.Once you pass the dorsal fin push the knife all the way through repeat on the other side.

4.Make several straight cuts towards the tail to separate the filet from the carcass. Don’t use much pressure or you will get bones in your fillet. Repeat from the other side.

5.To remove the skin, hold down the tail end of the fillet and run the knife between the skin and meat towards the head.

Of course, if you use the small Mediterranean fish, (usually as an appetizer) sardines and anchovy all this preparation is not necessary, as therefore cutting it to fillets is much easier.

You can keep it from the head and pull the meat out. As that needs some of the experience I just boiled them with lemon water for two minutes and flesh separates from bones easily when they are cold.

Fish fillet on celeryroot by finokio on the ovenpin5

Step 1

Rinse water to the celery root and after rubbing and cleaning it well, cut them in slices

Step 2

Preheat the oven to 300 degrees. Put some oil on the taci and baked the sliced celery roots and the very sliced finochio for 30 minutes at 200 degrees. F.

Step 3

Rinse the fish fillets with water or if they are boiled just marinate them as you like them. I brushed the sardines with cooking oil, squirt with fresh lemon juice dredge them in Himalayan salt, freshly cracked black pepper and lemon grass.

Step 4

Bake the sardines for four minutes above the finocchio and the celery roots. These fillets are too thin so don’t use temperatures higher than 120 -140 degrees.

Step 5

Remove the sardines with a spatula and serve with pastry cheery tomatoes and peppers.

Fish fillet on celery root by finocchio on the ovenIngredients
½ Kg sardines or anchovy 1 big celery root 1 finocchio Himalayan salt pepper lemon olive oil lemon grass glycanase