October 19, 2020


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Summer vegetable snacks


Who doesn’t dream the snack that he/she could eat a lot, has fewer calories and could give it to children without regrets. Chips are tasty, tacos are fabulous, but what if there were a snack much healthier without preservatives, dyes or chemicals. Better what if that snack would be easy to make, cheap and yummy too. But first of all why you should choose to dehydrate food.

Dehydrate food is easy to take with wherever you go, at summer in the sea .walk in the woods, picnics, an afternoon walk in the play yard, cinema, shopping or just every running errand.

summer snack-pinim

They have quality, cause you control the ones you preferred to dry just buying the best of them.You can save money and reduce food waste by stocking up on the fresh local producer. Turn every veggie that is “fresh” and delightful and impressing (buying it in bulk) to a delicious yummy homemade snack.

You can even rub them beautiful and offered them as a gift.

I am a body and soul and conscious lover. That doesn’t mean that I like skinny bodies but it means that I refuse to deal with deprivations, not delicious bloomings just because they promise that the lack of pleasure and taste will be replenished to quality and nutrition. I really wish to enjoy every moment, every bite and every crumb of my meal even if it’s a snack !!!

I can’t be a Paleo or a vegan despite the fact that I admired them, but I have to admit that after all raw food diets are much healthier because of boiling , searing and sauteing food tends to destroy a good percentage of vitamins. Natural vitamins found in foods can begin to break down as low as 115 degrees F. I have a former compatriot, that she is eating and kind of cooking food and surprisingly sweets only with the bulbs. In this way, it brings in all the energy and strength of the newborn seed and bulbs to her own benefit.

Τhe best part of all comes to the end. You can add the amount or the kind of salt(natural, sea salt, Himalayan salt, mineral salt) that you really desire making that super tasty and healthy. Enjoy !!!


  • Any kind of vegetables at any amount of your choice.
  • Green vegetables
  • green beans,
  • carrots
  • celery root
  • redcurrants
  • sweet potato
  • zucchini
  • aubergines
  • melissa
  • Himalayan salt
  • optional turmeric
  • olive oil
  • turnips
  • parsnips
  • ¼ cup Apple cider vinegar
  •  Adhesive paper baking


What you need to do for turning your root veggies into snack is easy and I may say distressed also because I usually distressed myself by cooking. As always first washed, peeled and sliced the veggies to the thickness of your choice. Be careful the size must be the same for every veggie. Nowadays Mandolins have evolved into well-designed beautiful tools absolutely necessary for the kitchen. Do not be fooled however despite their beautiful designs they cut like crazy and it is not in the hands of our children.  Size as always is a matter of choice.

Yet I don’t have a proper dehydrator so I baked them at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes, I usually arranged with the eye the time so that to be crispy but not burned!